Sprint iPhone 5 Will Be Last To Release (GBM)

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If you want the iPhone 5 on Sprint then you may have to wait past the rumored release date of the 21st September.

Sprint iPhone 5 release date may fall somewhere in mid-October

Sprint of course are the only carrier to offer unlimited data plans with the iPhone 4S and while it may sound like a great deal, the downside is that the 3G network of Sprint is a great deal slower than the HSPA+ offered by AT&T. With AT&T you can download data almost twice as fast as you can with Sprint and Sprint’s network often makes apps such as Netflix very slow.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 will have support for 4G LTE and at the moment Verizon is ahead with this network, covering over 370 cities. Sprint at the moment offer this in 19 markets and they have not yet announced plans to spread out. The 4G LTE maps of Sprint can be misleading as it looks as though they cover highways in the US, however they do not. So if you purchase the iPhone 5 with Sprint believing that you will be able to take advantage of 4G LTE on your way to the office, you will be wrong.

Furthemore Sprint are said to be offering the iPhone 5 on 15th October, if leaked documents prove true reports GottaBeMobile. This would mean that Verizon along with AT&T will get ahead with their sales. This would be disastrous for those on Sprint who wish to upgrade as they would have to wait almost a month to get their hands on the device.

It is thought that Sprint’s lack of 4G LTE coverage meant they were left out when the iPad launched this summer and became available with AT&T and Verizon in March. Unless Sprint does something drastic it looks like if you want the iPhone 5 as soon as launch you will have to get it with another carrier, and enjoying LTE speeds is another longer wait after for the majority of the US market.

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