Sprint iPhone 5 Loses Some Of Its Mojo

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The iPhone 5 should be just around the corner if the rumors prove true. Now in the past you could still get an unlimited data plan from the top two carriers with your iPhone. However times have changed and iPhone users who aren’t grandfathered into an unlimited data plan can only look at Sprint to get one. That is until next week… T-Mobile have announced that starting September 5, they too will be offering unlimited data plans. So the question is which of these two gives the best deal when the iPhone 5 comes out?

Sprint iPhone 5 unlimited data plan doesn’t look so sweet anymore

T-Mobile announced their truly unlimited data plans and this means that they will be able to compete with Sprint. Up to this point Sprint was the only carrier still giving out unlimited data plans. AT&T along with Verizon ditched their unlimited plans and instead gave consumers data sharing.  If T-Mobile manages to secure the iPhone 5 on its release they would be able to compete with the other major carriers and have an ace up their sleeve by way of unlimited data.

T-Mobile will offer their unlimited plans alongside their classic and value plans. Anyone on a classic plan can add in unlimited data for $89 per month. If you want just 500 minutes each month then this drops down to $79.99. If you have a value plan, unlimited data can be included for $74.99 a month or you can have 500 minutes for $64.99.

$74.99 with Sprint will get you unlimited data, texts and 450 minutes of talk. If you want 900 minutes you will pay $99.99 or if you want unlimited you can opt to pay $109. T-Mobile of course is offering the better deal here with their generous plans which are cheaper.

At the moment T-Mobile offers their customers 4G over the HSPA+ network and have around 200 million using this service in around 230 markets. It is thought that they will have their LTE network up and running towards the end of next year. Sprint on the other hands offer WiMax and this comes with fast speeds but it does not work with the latest handsets. In total they have around 71 markets providing services to 130 million individuals in the US. They have LTE in just 16 markets, so in this area they are in front of T-Mobile.

If you want a data plan that is unlimited then T-Mobile offers a better deal than Sprint even though they lack LTE at the moment and the iPhone 5 has been rumored to support it.

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