Sprint Talks iPhone 5, ‘New Motorola’ & Upcoming Tizen Lineup

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Sprint has given indication that although the majority of their device plans have been finalized for 2013, they are still looking into several possibilities.

Sprint: Unsure about role of iPhone 5 in 2013 or the ‘new’ Motorola; Tizen sparks interest

PhoneScoop reports that the carrier expects the iPhone 5 will make a debut at some time, although what role it will play in the Now network is not clear through 2013. At the moment, Motorola still have a question mark over their heads and a spokesman for Sprint called them a straggler. This was due to the fact of their recent takeover by Google. Sprint are apparently waiting with interest to see what Google plans to do with Motorola during the upcoming year.

So what does 2012 look like for Sprint at the moment? Sprint are said to have their eye on Samsung’s and Intel’s Linux based phones, the Tizen. While there are no solid plans for Sprint to include Tizen products, it is a part of their roadmap on the journey into 2013 and they did join the Tizen Association earlier during this year.

So there you have it, Sprint has laid most of their cards on the table although quite vaguely. Anyone excited for what the next few months may bring?


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