Confirmed: Sprint Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean OTA Update Out!

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There were rumours going around yesterday that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sprint wouldn’t have long to wait for the release of the Jelly Bean update with Sprint. Today news has come in that Sprint will be releasing the update to Jelly Bean today! Jelly Bean comes with numerous new features, which include Google Now.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update rolls out

The update will be OTA and along with Jelly Bean this update will bring about LTE selection improvements for those on Sprint. This means that your handset will be a lot cleverer when deciding which of LTE towers it will connect to.

Jelly Bean and the Samsung Galaxy S3 brings with it a ton of other features. Here is just a couple:

Google Now to provide you with information when you need it. This includes train times, how much traffic is on the road, the weather and more; Notifications are now expandable so that you can get a brief look at texts and emails; Android Bean allows you to share photos and other files; Widgets resize themselves; Pop up play update allows users to pause or resize the video; Pause and resume when taking a video means you can put together clips without the need for editing; New camera filters which include black and white, sepia and warm and cold vintag; Easy mode on the device allowing you to focus just on the essentials of the handset; A block mode which means you can disable calls and notifications for a certain length of time; and Multi-keyboard options including Swype

Users will also be able to enjoy new accessories with the Samsung Galaxy S3 update too. Allshare Cast Wireless Hub will let users mirror the screen of their handset on an HDTV or HDMI. It will also allow one touch pairing with NFC Bluetooth accessories.

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