Sprint Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Plagued With Bugs

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Owners of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 have finally got their hands on the update to Jelly Bean as the Android 4.1 update has started to roll out here in the US. This is the first US carrier to offer the update and it was to have been something special after the long wait.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update problems

The update was seen first thing this morning OTA and it wasn’t another minor one as it turned out to be Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The update means that Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are now able to enjoy expanding notifications along with many more new Jelly Bean features.

In fact Samsung have also included their own software in the update to give users of the Sprint Galaxy S3 even more features. There are improvements to the camera app, with live filters for both video and photos. There is also an easy mode, which is perfect when learning all about the OS.

However it hasn’t all been good news as there have been reports of issues with the update for the handset. Product-Reviews reports that one owner said that they downloaded the update and now their device won’t load webpages. Others have said they are having problems when viewing pictures in the gallery. The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 is also supposedly shutting down different services at random.

It is unclear whether this problem is isolated to just some Samsung Galaxy S3 users, or more widespread. Nevertheless the complaints seem to now be popping up on Sprint’s official forums as well.

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