Spotify Premium For Free No Longer

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For those that have been using the modded version of Spotify to engine the Spotify Premium for free, well Spotify is looking to put a stop to that.

Thos that has been using that hacked to enjoy some of the premium perks reported that they have received a warning email from Spotify notifying them that they notice the abnormal activity of the account and that future breaches will result in the suspension or termination of the account.

While that might sound like an inconvenient for those that have been using the hacked version of the app to enjoy Spotify Premium services for free, can we really blame Spotify for doing so?

So you are one of those that have been using the hacked version, you might want to change it back to the original app or risk getting suspended or banned by Spotify. There were also some reports claiming that they received the email even though they did not use any hacked apps but those cases are rare.

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