Sporty Makeovers – 2018 Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

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The 2018 Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are getting a makeover and we have seen a render of the Camry and the Accord online, with the Accord being masked under heavy camouflage. But it seems that both vehicles may have had the same designer as they do look eerily similar to each other.

The render of the Toyota Camry shows off a stunning looking vehicle with red paintjob that really suits it. Of course you cannot see the paintwork on the camouflaged Honda Accord, but it’s the silhouette that is more interesting.

If you didn’t know better you would say that the render and the camouflaged vehicle may be the same model. You can see the wheels on both vehicles and these look very much alike. Even with the camouflage on the Honda Accord you can make out the lines of the front of the vehicle and they look very similar too. You can make out a chink of the front headlights through the camo and they look the same shape as those the Camry is hiding.

The slope of the bonnet of both vehicles looks to be about the same, as does the sloping windscreen. Even the wing mirrors have resemblance to each other. The roofline shares a resemblance as does the front side window and the back sloping of each vehicle looks around the same.

Check out the render of the Toyota Camry and let us know if you think it takes on the same design as the upcoming Honda Accord.

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