Splatoon 2 On Nintendo Switch Offers LAN Play Mode

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There are many people waiting for the arrival of the Nintendo Switch next month and of course Nintendo is trying to do everything possible to ensure that the new console doesn’t go down the same route as the Wii U.

While there are a handful of games coming our way with the console, one game that people are very excited to see is Splatoon 2. Now Nintendo has opened up a bit more about what people can expect from the game.

Nintendo has said that Splatoon 2 is going to come with LAN play and this means that friends are able to play together. They said that the Nintendo Switch game is going to have support for as many as 10 consoles, but there are just 8 spots in the game. So the question here is what are the extra two going to do?

Splatoon 2 is also going to have support for spectator mode, so the answer is simple, the other two slots will be used for spectators. Many gamers are not going to find this so useful; however, when the game is being played competitively it should come in handy. We say this as the two spots can be taken by coaches.

Are you excited about the Nintendo Switch and Platoon 2?

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