Splatoon 2 New DLC Will Be Not Be A Breeze

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Splatoon 2 will be getting a new DLC soon called the Octo Expansion DLC and the developers have announced that it will be arriving this summer. So what can the fans expect from the new DLC?

Well, according to the announcement, the DLC will put players in the shoes of Octoling and that it will add about 80 new single player missions to the game including some weapon-based challenge. Those lucky few who did get a chance to try it out did point out that it was a lot harder than most people would expect it to be.

We do not know if that is good news or bad but it certainly means that the new DLC will be quite challenging. After completing all 80 mission, you will unlock the ability to play as Octoling in multiplayer mode.

This could take longer since it is not that difficult so it will be interesting to see how fast the fans need to beat the new DLC.

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