Spider-Man Easter Egg Is Heart Breaking

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The new PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game is filled with Easter Eggs. Some are more obvious than others while some are sadder than others.

Before the game was released, Tyler Schultz tweeted Insomniac Games asking them to include a marriage proposal in the game. Insomniac Games actually agreed to it which is nice but sadly, things did not work out for Schultz and his girlfriend as he revealed that they actually broke up before the game was released.

The Easter Egg, however, is still in the game. You can actually see it at a movie theater. It reads “Maddie, will you marry me?”. Luckily, Insomniac said that they are willing to change the text and Schultz is now hoping to change it to his grandmother’s name who he said lost her battle with cancer.

The Easter Egg was supposed to be a pretty cool proposal but sadly it did not turn out the way we thought it would.

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