Spelunky 2: First Gameplay Trailer Released

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One of the reasons why Spelunky got so much attention was because it was offering something different and fresh. With the second game, fans already know what to expect so the developers will have to get more creative now if they want to impress their fans for the second time.

The gameplay trailer for Spelunky 2 has just been released and we got to see what the new game will look like now. Unlike the last game, the new game will have loads of alternative and competition.

According to Derek Yu, the new game will give players more freedom and they also incorporate triggers that will lead to consequences that players will have to deal with down the road so the world feels more connected now.

He added that at the core, the game is still the same but the new sequel is more like an extension to the game. The new Spelunky 2 will launch in 2019.

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