Spellbreak: Like Fortnite But Without The Shooting

It seems like Battle Royale games will be here to stay for a little longer and more and more developer continues to release new Battle Royale game. To make sure they don’t get buried in the sea of other battle royale games, the developer of Spellbreak decided to offer soemthing a little different.

Developed by Proletariat and like most Battle Royale games, this too will transport players into a big map which will be constricted to a smaller radius as time goes by but instead of guns, we will be using magic to take down enemies this time.

Players will get to choose from six classes each with different perks and also magic gauntlet. The gauntlets of any elements will be scattered on the map as well and you can actually be equipped two at the same time. Depending on which two you have, you will be able to use different magic combos to take out your enemies. You can also create a new combo with your teammates making things a little more unpredictable.

Spellbreak will be released on PC.