Speculations About BMW Z5 Rise Following Signs of Hybrid Makeover

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We recently heard rumours that the next generation of the Toyota Supra would be arriving and with it would come a brand new hybrid powertrain. Now we are hearing speculation about the same thing applying to the upcoming BMW Z4. The vehicle has been given the name of the BMW Z5 and it is thought to be coming our way with an AWD system and hybrid powertrain.

The hybrid means that the BMW Z5 would offer as many as 400 horses and it will run on the AWD through an automatic gearbox and it should offer up around 35mpg.

If these figures happen to be correct then the BMW Z5 would be not only a very powerful vehicle but it would be economical at the same time. We are hearing rumors that the Z5 should be arriving without the foldable metal roof and in its place we are expecting to see a soft fabric top.

This information hasn’t been confirmed but we are expecting to hear from BMW about the BMW Z5 very soon and we have seen spy shots of the prototype.

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