SoulCalibur 6 Gets Another Update Before DLC Update

Fans of SoulCalibur 6 are waiting for the new DLC character to arrive but before that happens, players will be given a new update. The patch notes have been released so let’s see what the update will bring to the game.

The star of the update will be Haohmaru, the samurai from Samurai Shodown. The patch will add him into the game as a playable character but you can only start playing him on the 31st of March. You can choose to purchase him or $6 or get the Season Pass 2 for $34.

There will also be some new creation items including new weapons for Cervantes and taki-based created fighter. There will also be a new stage and more battle and game system adjustment.

For now, SoulCalibur 6 is still set to be played at Evo 2020 which will be happening on the 31st of July to the 2nd of August. So far, the event has not been canceled yet but we will have to wait and see.