Sony Xperia Z5 Tuned Down For The US

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It was an exciting moment for every Sony lovers here in the US after the tech giant confirmed that the Xperia Z5 will be shipped to this country. However, the excitement soon got killed off after new reports suggest that the Z5 will be tuned down for the US.

The word is that the Z5 will be ditching the luxury smartphone features when released in the US. Among them is the fingerprint scanner, which won’t feature in the US-variant of the Z5. To make things worse, Sony is not able to give an explanation for their decision.

Instead, Sony went on to reveal that the Z5 will be priced at $599 whereas the smaller, Z5 Compact will retail at $499. Even without the fingerprint scanner, both the Z5 and Z5 Compact will still be great smartphones to own as they boasts the best specs as well as battery life.

The way we see it, Sony is probably offering the best for its home country due to national pride or they are merely keeping the cost of the US-bound Z5 down so that it can attract a wider audience.

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