Epic Sony Xperia Z Review Crowns It Best Android Today

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Sony have been hard at work over the last year and while they have lacked in brilliance it has been a great period of time for them. They have built their line-up from the start and have avoided fights that they had no chance of winning. They have steered clear of the top end of the market and positioned themselves below the Samsung Galaxy performance and the iPhones.

Sony now has to return to one of the fiercest battles in the world of smartphone and this has to be their top priority. They have the Sony Xperia Z and in a recent hands-on this was very impressive. This is proof that Sony are back in town. Sony has been among the first to bring out displays of 1080p onto the market and this has been superb not only for morale but also to bring in the cash. The folks over at GSMArena recently did a review of the Sony Xperia Z that was an epic 12 pages long after which crowning it the best Android phone you can buy today. So what made the Xperia Z such a clear winner? GA explains:

This is an excellent time to be a fan of Sony’s, they have been filling in blanks in the year since they parted from Ericsson. Making the dreams of their fans come true wasn’t the highest thing on their agenda. Of course the loyal fans of Sony have not been let down, they have had to have patience and they have been rewarded.

The Sony Xperia Z is packed with inspiration and this will send out a warning to their competitors and they have delivered another message which is very clear and this is that they have moved on.

The Sony Xperia Z stole the spotlight at the CES and this was due to the killer looks of the device. Of course there was not a lot to draw the attention away from the flagship device of Sony.

Of course some of the biggest tests have yet to be faced. This is just one of the full HD 5 inch devices that we have been reviewing. The Oppo Find 5 is a competitor. This device has the same processor as the Sony Xperia Z and it comes with a decent 13 megapixel camera. The deal breakers may be the fact that it lacks expandable memory and there is no LTE.

We will also be reviewing the HTC butterfly, and this is another S4 Pro powered device. It has the same size screen resolution and so choosing would be down to the basic details so Sony does have the upperhand when it comes the photos and the Sony Xperia Z is water resistant to and it is better looking.

Of course the Sony Xperia Z is not  perfect and the display was disappointing slightly. However the Sony Xperia Z is the current champion when it comes to benchmarks. The experience with jelly bean was superb and there are many custom apps, such as the media players and the image. There is no getting away from the fact that the Sony Xperia Z is very impressive, and it looks high end thanks to the glass rear and front along with the design, which is upmarket. And of course the device is water resistant and dustproof.

The device is hard to beat, however such as the LG Optimus G, the LG Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are all competitors. Of course their successors are on the way and they will have to beat or match the flagship device from Sony.

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