Sony Xperia Z Release Date Tipped For February 18

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The highlight of CES for Sony this year is their Sony Xperia Z, with the device said to be coming to stores in March. However retailers online have started to list the device for the start of March, with a price tag or around £350 or 650 euros.

Sony Xperia Z release date may come as early as Feb 18

A Sony retailer for Poland has said that we probably won’t have to wait as long for the Sony Xperia Z as we thought. Their website has the phone for release on 18th February. They are asking 680 euros for the handset.

Bear in mind that while this is not a Sony official store, it is an authorised retailer, so there should be credibility to the news. The date might change of course, however it could be a standard disclaimer only.

The Sony Xperia Z will be up against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, HTC DROID DNA and iPhone 5 as it is one serious flagship smartphone with specs that top rivals in many ways. What a way to start off 2013!

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