Sony Xperia XZ2 Missing Jack Not Sitting Well With Fans

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Smartphones coming without a headphone jack is not new now but that does not mean that fans won’t be upset about it and the fans of the Sony Xperia ZX2 were clearly upset when Sony revealed that the device was going to come without a headphone jack.

After the outrage of the fans, Sony decided to explain their decision but looking at the decision they came out with, it feels like it would be better if they did not try to explain.

According to Sony, the removal of the headphone jack is because of their new Ambient Flow design language. To make the design seamless, they decided to remove it from the phone. They also added that since it is the trend right now to have wireless headphones, they are gravitating towards that as well.

Well, the fans were not too happy with that. Others were worried that this could mean that future Sony smartphones will also come without a headphone jack as well.

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