Sony PS4 More Powerful Than Xbox 720 After All [RUMORS]

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Rumours have been flying around about the next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony. There has been talk of Skype along with Blu-Ray features on the Xbox 720 and if you are looking to grab the Sony PS4 when it comes out there is some good news for you, if rumours are true.

PS4 vs Xbox 720: more power to ya!

One of the things people want to know is the specs of the consoles. The console with the specs that are higher will come out the winner, as consumers want the fastest gaming console on the market. This is something that may outweigh brand loyalty.

It seems that the Sony PS4 could be the fastest next gen console. An article has recently been published by VG247, which says that the Sony PS4 will have “50% raw, computational power advantage over Xbox 720″.

Their source has said that the Sony PS4 will have a run speed of 1.84 teraflops, while the next gen console from Microsoft will have 1.23 teraflops. They concluded that the Sony console will therefore have significant more power than the next gen Xbox 720.

It seems that there is an additional twist. The Xbox 720 will have 8GB of RAM, with 3GB of this reserved for the operating system. The PS4 is said to have just 4GB, with 1GB of this having been reserved for the system resources. However it is thought that the teraflop difference will be the deciding factor, as Sony will use the extra power to make up for the disadvantages with the RAM.

On the other hand NowGamer have told a different story. They have said that the Xbox 720 will be the console with more power than the PS4. Of course only one can be right, but which one? For now you better take the information with a good pinch of salt.

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