Sony PS4 Specs & The Possible Drawbacks

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There have been lots of rumours floating around about the next generation Microsoft Xbo console and whether it will actually be called the Xbox 720 or not. Details about the next gen console to come from Sony have been more secretive on the other hand, however like the leak about the Xbox 720 in a publication; another mag has given out rumours that have been collected about the Sony PS4.

Sony PS4 may not support old titles & 4K resolution (rumors)

Anyone keeping up to date with the progress of the PS4 may have heard that the console could have the name of “Orbis”. However this may be the codename for the console. Meanwhile over at PSM3, the penultimate issue has been used to leak and compile secrets about the PS4, just as Xbox World did for the Xbox 720.

It seems that the next generation console may not have the name of “Playstation 4” as this means “death” in Japan. If this is true then it will be a shock, however a much larger shock surrounds the rumour that the new console specs might not support games of the PS3, this would include second hand games.

This is currently one of the biggest talking points and it has consumers worried, due to the fact that people would not be able to play the games they already have. Just imagine waiting for GTA 5 until next year and then finding out you can’t use it on the PS4.

It has also been said that the console may not have support for 4K resolution. Many have said that this would be a step too far ahead and this is seen in the fact that Sony, at the moment, doesn’t have all games running at 1080p and 60 frames per second, as a feature that is mandatory.

There has been mention of the console having 4GB of RAM, with 8GB of flash memory. However, owners of the PS3 are hoping that this figure will be more in-line with 8GB of RAM, due to the fact that PC owners have a standard of around 8GB of RAM in gaming machines. Surely it cannot be too hard for consoles to move forward this way too?

The PS3 60GB was on the shelves in 2006 for $599. Today thanks to prices having being cut, this sounds like a silly amount to pay, as you can get the Nintendo Wii for $299, if you want the basic version of the console. Rumour has it that the PS4 could come with the price tag of around £400 to £500, if so this means that the price in the US would be around $599 once again.

If you want to catch up on all the news going around about the PS4 bear in mind that right now, they are nothing more than rumours and nothing is official. However you can be sure that when the E3 conference comes round in 2013, it will be special if it showcases the next generation Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles in some light.

So would you pay around $600 for the next generation PS4 if you are not able to play older games on it?

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