Sony PS4 Specs Clear Up RAM Myths

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Sony didn’t show off the actual hardware of the Sony consoles at their event, however they did tell us about the specifications of the console and provided us with a list of the specs. There was confirmation that the console will have 8GB RAM and along with this we also found out some more interesting information about other hardware too.

Some people may have been disappointed at not seeing the console. However Sony did offer fans of the console plenty of things to get excited about and games to look forward to for Christmas this year. Two of which comes in the form of Killzone: Shadowfall and Watch Dogs. Both of which were shown off at the event and showed us what the device is capable of producing when it comes to graphics.

Fans of specs were pleased that Sony highlighted the specs of their upcoming console, unlike Nintendo who were reluctant to hand out specs after showing the Nintendo Wii U. Sony has said that the console will run on a single chip custom processor, which is made up of eight x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU cores along with 1.84 TFLOPS.

When it comes down to graphics Sony has not revealed the exact chip, they said that it would run on an AMD Radeon based graphics engine. They didn’t reveal what this was and instead they let the audience know that the architecture was designed so as to be PC friendly.

There is the 8GB DDR5 RAM, a 6x Blu-Ray Drive, 8x DVD Drive and an integrated hard disk drive. The RAM increase is ground breaking and the Blu-Ray disc does have 6 times the speed of the one included with the PS3. What this means for the gamer is not sure until we are able to see some comparisons.

Both Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 3.0 are included, along with HDMI, analog out and optical outputs. The PS4 will come with a 3D camera of 720p and this has a larger resolution and field of view than the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect.

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