Sony PS4 Specs Leaked, Backwards Compatibility Only Thing Missing

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We have heard a lot about the specs for the Xbox 720 over the last couple of weeks and now things have gotten interesting when it comes to the Sony PS4, which has been very secretive. There is a new rumour going around that has listed specs which are based on the developer kit that is in circulation at the moment.

Sony PS4 specs leaked, leaves out backwards compatibility information

The consoles from Sony and Microsoft which will be out before the end of this year already have development kits out to companies who are working on games for the new consoles, while at the same time trying their best to keep them from getting revealed.

This is something that is hard to do as we have seen when the Durango Xbox 720 kit was revealed. It now seems that we have information about the Sony PS4 dev kit too. Kotaku claim to have confirmed specs for the development kit in January of this year.

They have put together a list of the specifications of the hardware for the test build and they say that some of these may change before we see the final version; however any changes would be minimal due to the fact that we are progressing to the business stage before the festivities of the E3 event start.

So here are the specs which are said to have been confirmed: 8GB system memory, 2.2 GB of video memory, 4x dual core AMD64 Bulldozer (which means 8 cores), SMD R10XX GPU, Blu-Ray drive, 160 GB HDD, HDMI and Optical, 2.0, 5.1 and 7.1 channels.

So it seems that if these are the PS4 specs then there will be an 8 core processor, comprised of 4 dual core AMD64 chips that have the name of the Bulldozer. Graphics are based on AMD and this would match up with rumours we have heard in the past. The source has said that the graphics will be AMD R10XX.

One thing interesting for fans is the fact of a hard drive of 160GB. It is also intriguing as to why there might be two Ethernet ports. For the time being we will just have to wait and see if the specs that have leaked turn out to be the real deal.

As for backwards compatibility which has been a very hot topic, nothing has been said.

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