Sony PS4: Shit Just Got Real, Too Real!

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We have already told readers about a rumored next generation feature of the Sony PS4 which would allow those playing to record 15 minutes of footage using a share button, or by pressing a button on the controller pad of the console. Now there have been some comments made by an analyst in the industry. He shared his thoughts on the PS4 reveal which has been rumoured to be happening on the 20th February at the PlayStation meeting 2013.

The analyst has made hit and miss predictions in the past and he told Bloomberg that he is 100% certain that the PS4 will be revealed at the above event. He also said that the console will come with graphics that are hyper realistic and which have a frame rate of 240 frames per minute.

Game developers do struggle when it comes to offering 60 frames per minute regularly, so there is doubt that such a leap will be seen on the next generation console. People would be happy with 60 frames per second at 1080p.

So just what are hyper realistic graphics? Well check out the picture of Morgan Freeman as a human based example, which looks amazing. This could be an indication of what we may see on the new PS4 console.

We have seen a hint of graphics such as these thanks to Heavy Rain on the PS3, but could graphics such as these be a more universal feature which we will see on all games? The prospect makes the mouth water and now we for one cannot wait to find out what Sony will offer us on the 20th February.

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