Sony PS4 Coming Before Xbox 720 This Time, February 20th Launch Date Tipped

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Sony has been handing out invitations to journalists along with investors for an event which they are to hold on 20th February. The video teaser says that those attending will “see the future” and the event has the title of Playstation Meeting 2013. This predates the event for Sony Destination PlayStation, which is to be held on 25th February.

Sony PS4 release date may come before Xbox 720 is next month launch is real deal

The video shows the circle, square, triangle and X that is found on the controller of the PlayStation and it comes with the same backdrop that is seen on packaging associated with the PlayStation. The website which advertises the event puts the time of the reveal at 6pm, ET.

When the PlayStation was revealed in 2006 in Japan there were limited quantities and then it was released in the US later. The PS4 is thought to have an AMD quad core A8 3850 processor which is thought to be the 2.9GHz, it is also said to have Direct X 11 Radeon HD 7670 Graphics, which are very similar to the specs that have been rumoured for the next gen Xbox.

Two weeks ago the company started to sell the white version of the PS3 with a white controller and classic games collection, with the price tag of $300. Last November game makers started to receive development kits for the new console and documentation from this suggests that the PS4 will have an A10 based CPU with a 256GB hard drive as standard.

If this date is true then the Sony PS4 may have a headstart over the Xbox 720, which is different from its predecessors.

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