PS4: May 2013 Launch Gets Greenlight From Sony Execs

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There is some juicy news about the Sony PS4 thanks to a slip up by a high level Sony executive. The PS4 will be released this year, this seems inevitable. However, Sony could be unveiling it at the E3 in June, or perhaps even before at a special event in May.

Sony PS4 launch tipped for May

The Home Entertainment Vice President of Sony, Mr. Sakamoto, was talking in an interview at the CES in Las Vegas. He was asked about the Sony PS4 status and said that it was a big secret, but that the company were focusing on the upcoming gaming event, the E3 in June.

He also mentioned that an announcement could be made at the E3 or it may occur in May. This was a hint that the upcoming announcement would be something big, which required an event of its own. There have been rumours in the past regarding Sony and Microsoft holding standalone events when presenting their next generation consoles. So Sony may be the first to show off their console.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox 360 one year ahead of the Sony PS3, so it should be interesting to find out if Sony wants to get ahead this time around and make sure that they are the first to make the announcement with the PS4 before Microsoft does it for the Xbox 720. This means that this year is set to be an exciting one for gamers and the consoles may be right around the corner.

Nintendo have enjoyed a few months of limelight with the Nintendo Wii U, so the world may now be ready for the announcement of the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720. The Sony console seems to be so exciting that even Mr Sakamoto cannot contain himself.

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