Sony PS4 Higher Price Tag Revealed In Latest Issue Of Japanese Magazine

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Each new day brings yet another rumour about the upcoming Sony PS4. There has been so much attention paid to the console that it has to be just a matter of time now before Sony unveils it. This is thought to be happening on 20th February in New York. News has come from a magazine in Japan about the price of the console, which is thought to be coming with a price tag of more than $400 USD.

There has been a lot of rumours recently about the specs of the console, with one of the latest being the fact that it comes with a controller that has a sharing button. However up to now there hasn’t been much said about the actual price of the console. Today this changed as it is thought to be coming with a price of more than 40,000 Japanese Yen.

At the moment this converts to around $430 USD, but bear in mind that this would be cheaper than the 60GB PS3 which launched in 2006. As the console has been updated with better hardware this should be a fair price and it will be fair to those who paid the full price for the PS3 on launch.

The newspaper didn’t mention that there would be a European PS4 release of the console in 2013. They said that the console would come out in Japan and the US. This could mean that people in the EU might have to wait for 2014 before they can get their hands on the games console.

Sony could make a mistake if they fail to commit to a release of the console this year for the EU. Of course some fans might import it as soon as they could. So what do you think about the $400 to $450 price tag?

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