Retailers Commence Sony PS4 Pre-Orders, Price Revealed

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While the PS4 was announced earlier this week, Sony did not give any indication as to the exact release date of the console and how much they would charge gamers for the next generation console.

However this hasn’t stopped the rumours from going around, there has already been rumoured price points in the UK and the US markets, and one retailer in the UK has already started accepting pre-orders for the next generation console. Thanks to the console having all the new features and upgrades to hardware you can bet your life on it that Sony will be asking for a premium price when they launch the system, after all this is something they did with the original PS3.

US$600 is a great deal of money for a games console and Sony might not want to alienate consumers if they price their console as the most expensive, in comparison to Nintendo and Microsoft, when they reveal the next generation Xbox.

However we do have a good indication as to what the price of the PS4 may be when it is launched in two different storage varieties. In the US this is thought to be $429 or $529, while in the UK the listing price may be £400.

Over on the website of GAME they have been accepting pre-orders for the PS4 console, however those wanting to get their hands on the console do have to pay £20 deposit. Meanwhile ShopTo haven’t given out any actual price for the console. Those in the UK may wish to remember that Sony hasn’t committed to releasing the PS4 in Europe in 2013.

Some people are saying that those in the EU could have to wait until 2014. Sony did something similar when they revealed the PS3, and it launched five months later over in the US. Ford hundred pound of course seems to be a decent price tag, however these are only rumours and they do have to be taken with a large pinch of salt.

So are you interested in getting your hands on the next generation console? And if so how much would you be willing to pay?

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