Sony PS4: The Worrying Bits

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There have been plenty of rumours going around about the next gen Xbox console and whether or not it will have the name of the Xbox 720. Details about another next gen console, the Sony PS4 have been revealed and so fans of the console may be interested to hear what may be coming their way next year.

Sony PS4 worries

It was rumoured that the Sony PS4 could be called Orbis, or this could be the codename for the console. The people at PSM3 have used their issue to leak some industry secrets about the PS4 claims Product-Reviews.

The device might not have the name of PlayStation 4 thanks to the fact that in Japan this means “death” While it really does, this isn’t as big a shock as another rumour and that says the console will not have support for older games or games that are second hand or pre-owned.

This could be a huge thing among consumers as it would mean that games such as GTA 5 could not be played on the Sony PS4. That is unless Sony plans on bringing in some form of digital transfer. The system is said to be lacking the 4k resolution, this is said to be a feature that would be one step top far into the future, as Sony doesn’t support all games running at 1080p with 60 FPS, at the moment.

It has been said that the console will have 4GB of ram and 8GB of flash memory, however consumers would be happier with 8Gb of RAM as PC owners have this today as standard.

The PS3 with 60GB cost $599 when it was released in 2006. Thanks to price cuts this was a crazy amount of cash to pay. The Nintendo Wii will set you back just $299 for the starting version. The PS4 however could have a price tag of around £400 to £500 and this means that in the US this could be around $599.

However bear in mind that at the moment these are just rumours and there is nothing official. So we will just have to see what comes our way at the E3 conference in 2013.

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