10 Hours To Official Sony PS4 Unveiling [UPDATE]

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While Nintendo have started off the showing off the next generation consoles with the Wii U, it is Sony that is set to be first in the next gen console race when they unveil their PS4 at the PlayStation meeting, which is held in New York today. The event starts at 6 PM Eastern time on 20th February.

There have been numerous rumours going around about what the next gen  PS4 console of Sony will offer, however we don’t know what information Sony will reveal and how much of it, ahead of their E3 event in June.

It is probably too much to hope that they will reveal detailed specs along with the price of the next gen console, so we could hear about announcement of new sequels along with franchises and distribution, or anything in between all of this.

Are you excited about the event and what do you think Sony will reveal tonight about the upcoming PS4? Also do bear in mind that Sony did say they wish to see the Xbox 720 first before unveiling the PS4. If so what would we see tomorrow?

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