Sony PS4 Won’t Support Dual-Shock Controllers?

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Rumours about the next generation onsoles are going around and they are not slowing the closer we get to E3. The Sony PS4 has had its fair share of rumours over the last weeks regarding it having more speed and power than the Xbox 720. Now Product-Reviews reports that rumour has it now that Sony may be planning on doing away with their line-up of dual shock controllers and instead introduces a new controller for the PS4.

No dual-shock controllers in PS4?

Nintendo gave the world a shock when they brought out the GamePad for the Wii U.  This was a system that brought gamers the chance of secondary gameplay with the built in touchscreen control pad. It seems that Sony may have plans for innovative tech of their own, which could mean the end for the dual shock format that gamers are used to.

Recently an article was published by CVG who confirmed this as a fact. They said that the new controller would be released with the next gen PS4, when it is revealed. However at the moment there is no information to back up this fact and customers may not welcome it on first hearing the news.

There have been hints that the controller may be LCD based or it could use biometric tech. Interesting comments have been made as to how Sony might use the interface and this could be in a similar way to the PS Vita. This would be logical of course.

What is interesting is that the rumours about doing away with the dual shock controller is that of a couple of years ago when Sony did file for a patent for controller tech, which could emulate the button layout and styles of other consoles released years ago. This included controllers that had been made by Nintendo, SEGA and Microsoft.

Of course there would be many legal issues that would have to be resolved if Sony were to make such a move, however it does sound very interesting.

So what do you think about the PS4 without dual shock controllers? Do you think that its time Sony changed things or would you miss the dual shock?

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