First Pictures Of PS4 Controller Leaked

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There is just a few days to go before the Sony event which is to be held on 20th February and we are now hearing about some details on the reveal of the PS4 and more specifically the PS4 control pad. We have mentioned in the past about the share button that may be included on the pad and now there is news that there could be a touch pad too.

If course this is not the first time that we have heard about rumours of the controller, however the timing of the new rumours and the fact that they are coming from the VG247 and they say that this is definitely going to happen.

The PS4 controller with the touchpad will replace the start and select buttons, which are usually on the center of the device. It is thought that these buttons may be touch sensitive, which would provide Sony with flexibility to use the touch screen for other regions of the interface and it would allow developers to add in touch input.

The start and select buttons could be moved of course; however we assume that they would be at the top of the pad. The triggers on the back are receiving a makeover, however the shape of the pad has been said to be similar to that of the DualShock mould.

What is important is that there hasn’t been any detail about the physical share button that is thought to be making its way out. We do hope that the recording feature that has been rumoured will make its way out.

So for now we have just days to wait and then all of the rumours surrounding the PS4 will come to light. So what are you hoping for?

Sony PS4 controller

Sony PS4 controller

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