Sony PS4 Controller May Pull A TiVo

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Since Sony announced the fact that they will be holding a PlayStation meeting on 20th February the gaming community have been preparing themselves for the release of the PS4, following months of rumours, leaks and speculation. There is now some news coming out about the controller pad of the Sony console and it could have a touch pad that is very much like the setup on the PSVita.

We don’t want to focus on this though as it seems that Sony may have something very exciting coming our way and this is something that may appeal to a lot of owners of the PS3. It has been said that the controller could have a share button.

This would allow owners of the PS4 to record up to 15 minutes of gameplay whenever they wanted. Gamers would be able to take the clip and edit it on the PS4 or their computer and then share it for quick viewing.

This would be great for those who wanted to upload gameplay quickly and it would be a superb way for gamers and developers to interact when it comes to fixing bugs. If you were playing a beta game and come across a bug you could let the developer know straight away with the sharing feature.

This could be something big for Sony and this is a feature that we would like to see on the console, along with the touchpad, which is said to be in-built into the control pad. Nintendo made gamers gasp with the GamePad, so will Sony be able to take the theme and then expand it with the PS4 pad?

It does look very exciting, however at the same time it could be expensive. What do you think?

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