PS4 Feature Possibly Hinted In New Sony Bravia Engine

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We may be just days away from the unveiling of the Sony PS4 on 20th February. At this time the successor to the PS3 will be revealed and it should have a lot more power than the PS3.

There has been talk of the console having hyper realistic graphics. Michael Pachter said that he was 100% sure of this and that the console may offer 240 frames per second.

Product Reviews have posted a video online which shows you the new interface of the Sony Bravia TV for 2013. The interface is smooth and simple and there is nothing that catches the eye.

However what is interesting is the fact that the interface format could be seen on the PS4 in some form and we are hoping that this will be an impressive feature.

There is support for integrated apps such as Skype and YouTube, which should both be on the PS4 when it is launched. So check out the video and let us know if you would like to see an similar interface on the PS4.

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