Sony PS4: Potential Backlash Over Blocking Of Used Games

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There is some worrying news regarding the release of the next gen consoles this year. There have been rumours going around that the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 will not be able to play second hand games reports Product-Reviews. Along with this is news that Sony could have indeed taken measures to make this rumour a reality. A patent filing has been uncovered from Sony, which tells of plans for the PS4 to block used games. Game discs would be tied to an individual’s user account basically.

Sony PS4 to block used games?

This patent has been published and this could mean that used games cannot be played on the Sony PS4. This is something that will upset millions of gamers. However Sony has not made reference specifically to the PS4 or indeed any PlayStaion, but you don’t have to be a genius to believe that this is aimed at the next gen console, thanks to the timing.

Over at Neogaf there is an on-going discussion about this. The patent is not the easiest to put into simple terms; however it does suggest that NFC tags may be used on all game discs. The PS4 would then log data and be able to tell if that disc has been used on another console.

If Sony plans on introducing this with the PS4, game discs may be locked to the users account, in a similar way to the PS Vita. Here PSN accounts have been locked to memory cards.

Sony does make mention in the patent of new tech, aimed at providing a replacement of the Online Pass system. This caused a stir in the industry and with consumers, last year. The question is whether Sony will be able to convince those who like hunting for bargains, that this is the best move for the good of the Sony PS4. Used games are a great business and if Sony were to take this away they should expect to receive vicious backlash.

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