Sony Playstation VR Can’t Live Off Fans Forever

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Sony clearly got the attention it needs when they release the Sony PlayStation VR headset. The device sold out in a lot of regions and it was clear that the VR headset had the support of their fans but it looks like that alone is not going to be enough for Sony as new report now suggest that Sony might be looking for some other ways to get their PlayStation VR out there.

According to Wall Street Journal, Sony will be pushing their Playstation VR as a commercial device soon as the sales from the consumers were not as expected. WSJ added that Sony is working to set up a location base entertainment unit and is now looking for partners to make it work.

As good as the VR headsets were, the lack of game meant that the consumers did not see the need to own one of these. There is currently not a whole lot of games that make sure of the PlayStation VR and players are still waiting for that game changing VR game to arrive but so far, that has not happened yet.

We know that game developer are working on some amazing projects for the future but those will only arrive years later and by the time that happens, the current version of the PlayStation VR might be outdated.

Until Sony has some really good content for the PlayStation VR, the headset will continue to slide backward.

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