Sony Playstation 5 Still Far Away

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Based on the usual console release timetable, some people predicted that Sony might be releasing the PlayStation 5 really soon but according to Ubisoft, we are still far away from the new console.

According to Ubisoft CEO, with Sony releasing the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro last year, it is clear that Sony is not ready to say goodbye to their PS4 just yet. With the new upgraded version around, they think that it might be a few years more before we actually see a new console coming from Sony.

They added that it will be the same for Microsoft as well. With the release of the Xbox One X, there is no reason why they should be rushing to get a new console out. He did add that if Sony or Microsoft does come out with a new console, it will help the gaming industry a lot as it is clear that they are working to make their device more powerful than ever.

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