Sony Nexus X: First Pictures Of Google’s Purported ‘Dark Knight’

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Photos have been leaked of what are said to be the Nexus X from Sony. A user names Mutel Yeter uploaded the pics and the handset looks very similar to other devices released by Sony.

Sony Nexus X reportedly caught on camera

The Google Nexus handset seems to be running a stock Android OS and it comes with the Google branding. Other carrier branding is absent and the photos show the handset as having on screen navigation keys. Of course we can expect this with Nexus handsets from now on. Where the name Nexus X came from is unclear, however it could be due to the Xperia Nexus hints Droid-Life.

There have been rumours going around for quite some time that the Sony, along with LG and Samsung, would be releasing Nexus handsets. If the photos are true then this could be the version from Sony. Let’s hope their real as the device in the photos looks quite good with the stock version of Android and on screen keys.

On a side note, the LG Nexus 4 has been pictured multiple times alongside an early review of a prototype model. So if this truly is the Sony Google Nexus X, that is 2 down already (we expect a total of 5 this year with the Nexus 7 already revealed). But hey, who is counting?

Sony Nexus X

Sony Nexus X

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