Sony Finally Gave In Microsoft Is Finally Happy

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A few months ago, Sony hinted that they were not looking to allow cross-play on their PlayStation 4 console as they think that the PS4 is the best way to play games. That, of course, got a lot of negative response from the fans as well as a company like Microsoft.

However, it looks like Sony is reconsidering their strategy and has announced that they will allow cross-play. The first game to be supported will be Fortnite which made sense since it was one of the games that would benefit a lot from crossplay.

Since the announcement, Microsoft has responded with the raising hand’s emoji but so far, we have not heard or seen anything from Phil Spencer. Microsoft later releases a statement saying that they hope the next game that Sony would support is Minecraft but we will have to wait and see.

With Sony now willing to consider cross-play, fans are also hoping that the upcoming Fallout 76 game would feature that.

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