Sony Cross Play Stand Does Not Sit Well With Xbox Boss

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Sony has always made it clear that they are not that interested in offering cross-play. While they have their recent for it, a lot of people are beginning to think that it is an outdated view that Sony should focus on what the gamers actually want right now.

After Sony’s new overall Ceo recent comment about cross-play, a few people were not too happy about it including Xbox engineering lead Mike Ybarra who said on Twitter that Sony is still not “listening to gamers” and that he thinks all games should be cross-play now.

He also added that Sony is not doing their users any good by not supporting cross-play. Some people did point out that despite their stand, Sony still outsells Xbox One but Ybarra responded that Microsoft operates both console and Windows PC space.

In case you missed it, Yoshida commented that they don’t support cross-play because they think PS4 is the “best place to play”. Where do you stand in this?

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