Sony Could Copy iPhone 8 For Flagship Display

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Sony may follow on in the tradition of the iPhone 8 and Samsung handsets with the OLED display when they launch their new devices. So we are expecting the 2018 Sony Xperia to come with such a display and it may arrive during 2018.

If the 2018 Sony Xperia does arrive with the OLED display it would be the first handset from Sony to do so and it would be a top of the line, with a price tag to match.

Samsung have used the OLED displays on their flagship handsets and there are numerous advantages over using the LCD displays. They typically offer contrast ratios that are higher, they are thinner and they have more flexibility. Apple have moved to OLED displays for the first time and the iPhone 8 is going to offer the OLED display when it arrives later on this year.

So when the new Sony Xperia arrives on the market it will come with the OLED display and to be honest we are surprised that it has taken Sony this long to go with the tech.

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