Sony Admits Huge Failure Of PS Vita

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Sony seems to have admitted big failure of the PS Vita as recently Jack Tretton said that the PS Vita was a nice machine but it arrived too late and wasn’t able to find a meaningful audience.

He was recently asked how he felt about the device and he said that as he didn’t work there any longer, he left the company in 2014, he could talk about it. He said that the world had moved to portable devices that were not classed as being dedicated gaming machines. He went on to say that the PSP had been a bigger hit as it brought an experience that was like a console to a portable device. When the PS Vita arrived it came out at a time when games on smartphones were on the up and up. This meant that there was little room left for handhelds that were dedicated solely to gaming.

The PS Vita did sell more than 5 million units up to June 2016; it sold 2.2 million within the first six months of it being out. However the Nintendo 3DS is miles ahead of it as up to June 2016 it sold 59.79 million units around the world.

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