So This Is What Google X Is All About…

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You’re about to find out what the mysterious Google X meant, just that they’ve recently dropped the name to just “X”. It’s Alphabet’s semi-secretive research division, and even the logo for it seems to be inspired by modern art (somehow it reminds us of The History Channel’s logo).

And there’s something interesting about the “moonshots”; projects that are specifically under the robotics department, and not referring to any sort of spacecraft or a mission to the moon, mind you. These moonshot projects actually sounds pretty amazing and we definitely can’t wait to see them turn into reality.

For starters, there’s Project Loon, based off from using balloons (as the name suggests), with an attempt in bridging and filling in the gaps to connect everyone online even in the most remote and rural areas. This could undeniably serve as a useful technology to get in touch with people in disaster-stricken areas about the ongoings of a loved one.

Project Wing uses a pretty similar technology to that of the Amazon Prime Air, where it’s basically a drone-based delivery system that deliver products to buyers’ doorsteps efficiently.

Then there’s the self-driving cars where the much talked-about Alphabet’s collaboration with Ford that could get us driverless cars soon. It’s said that the combination of the pair’s technologies could prove to make reliable and tech-forward vehicles. So there is that to look forward to.

Which one of these projects are you eager to have it happen this year? We really like the Project Loon and the whole idea of it though, imagine how many lives we could save and help comfort. It’s gonna be great, we can tell.

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