SNL Tackles iPhone 5 Complaints, Gives Tech Geeks A Reality Check

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Saturday Night Live has taken a look into tech geeks who have done nothing but complained about the iPhone 5 since the device was released. In their latest skit, the SNL crew give the whinny tech geeks a reality check!

SNL injects humor into iPhone 5 complaints by attacking tech geeks

In the middle of a talk show, which was tech based, featuring tech gurus from Wired and CNET, host Christina Applegate tricked the techies when they brought in workers from the iPhone factory. The Chinese workers were there to hear what the tech fans had to say about the iPhone 5. However it seems that they couldn’t care less about what people think about the new iPhone 5.

The tech gurus moaned about the shortfalls of the iPhone 5 and how they had to wait in queues for the handset. This is compared to the Chinese workers who generally have to wait in line for many hours just to get enough milk to feed their babies. After all it’s the same thing, isn’t it?

The funny skit (can be seen below) tries to make you realize that you’re just complaining about the shortfalls of a phone and that it shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It ends by asking the Chinese workers if they had any gripes with products that were made in the USA. They could only think of one! Check it out below.

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