Smash Bros. Ultimate To Bring More Spirits From Square Enix

We can expect to see more spirits from Square Enix get added to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game.

Another Spirit Board event will kick off this week on the 9th of July and it was announced that this time, there will be some new Spirits that are based on Octoath Traveler, the retro-inspired RPG game from Square Enix.

During the event, we will see Olberic & Primrose, Tressa & Cyrus, Alfyn & Therion, and H’aanit & Ophelia appearing periodically on the Spirit Board. When you defeat them, you will get to add them to your collection and also earn more SP. The event will end on the 14th of July.

Those that missed out on Cuphead and Warframe spirit in the past can also try to collect them now as they will be appearing randomly on the Spirit Board. The same recently receive Min Min, the new DLC character as well.