Smash Bros. Ultimate: Tetris Blocks Joins The Roster?

The last franchise that you will expect to see make its way to Smash Bros. Ultimate will probably be Tetris but that is exactly what Nintendo will be offering.

In their latest crossover event, Nintendo has announced that the next Spirit Board event will be based on Tetris 99 and it will come with a few new Tetrimino Spirit. Kicking off on the 24th of October at 11 PM, the event will go on until the 29th of October.

During the event, players will have to defeat the five new Spirits that will appear randomly on the Spirit Board including I-Tetrimino, L-Tetrimino, and J-Tetrimino, S-Tetrimino and Z-Tetrimino, T-Tetrimino and O-Tetrimini. Defeating them to nab you extra gold.

This Spirit Board event will overlap with the Maximus Cup for Tetris 99 which will start on the 25th this month and will end on the 28th.