Smaller Version Of iPad Pro Could Take Over From iPad Mini 4

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Apple has decided to axe the iPad Mini as they have said that they want to focus on the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro did make a huge impact when it first arrived on the market but this hasn’t changed the fact that there are plenty out there would like a smaller tablet.

If you are one of the people who would like a smaller tablet there is some good news as we have heard that the Apple iPad Mini could be about to return later on this year. Rumours have said that Apple is going to throw an event for tablets and they will reveal four new devices.

Two of the Apple devices are going to be second generation iPad Pros and the third of the devices will be a tablet that is very sophisticated premium tablet. The tablet is said to be 7.9 inches and rumours have said that the smaller version of the iPad is going to take on a different name from the mini.

If the rumours are true we expect to see the devices make its official unveiling at the end of April. At the moment nothing is set in stone, so you are going to take the information above with a pinch of salt.