Small Ford Pickup Would Be The Right Move?

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Although Ford has made it clear that they are looking to offer more SUVs and truck in the future, they have not really revealed their plans but new reports are saying that a car-based pickup truck might be on the table right now.

According to Automobile, Ford is now working on a compact pickup truck that is based on the next-gen Ford Focus platform. The report added that the vehicle could be arriving in the US by 2022. If this is true, we still have years to wait before we actually see something from Ford.

It is believed that the new car-based pickup truck would be bigger than the Courier. The advantage of having a truck like that is that their rivals like GM or Toyota do not have something like this to offer yet. While we are not sure how the consumers will take it when it arrives years later, the current consumers seem eager to get their hands on one.

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