Sleeping Dogs 2: The Pitch That Square Enix Threw Into The Trash

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It seems that there was going to be a Sleeping Dogs 2 but Square Enix decided to trash the idea instead.

United Front Games started to pitch the idea of Sleeping Dogs 2 to the publisher back in 2013 and this wasn’t too long after the launch of Sleeping Dogs. Portions of the pitched document tell how the sequel might have gone down and expanded upon the hit game. It told of branching narrative pathways, mission content that was procedurally generated and co-op support along with the option of playing on a mobile.

It was said that by way of using a smartphone gamers would be able to command the Megacity Pearl River police force, which would have in-game effects in which gangs held power. If people didn’t have Sleeping Dogs 2 the feature for mobile devices would allow them to free play.

We also heard that Sleeping Dogs 2 would connect through cloud saves of players and this would allow for developing of communities in bigger worlds, which would then be seen in other games.

Of course none of this happened and the pitch for Sleeping Dogs 2 ended up in the bin. Instead the developer put their focus onto Hitman and Tomb Raider.

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