Next Skyrim DLC: Hide Behind The Sofa, The DeathClaw Summoned?

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Fallout 3 featured a hideous and deadly beast – complete with lethal claws – that put the wind up anyone who played the game.

Often, players would actually scarper as soon as they saw this monster. These beasts that S&R are going on about are known as Deathclaws, and they are horrendous. S&R reckons that Skyrim, already replete with its own bevy of mythical monstrosities, should bring in a similar creature in its next DLC – the one that follows on from Dragonborn.

The reason the blog thinks Skyrim needs another monster is that it doesn’t have anything roaming around that provides the same pucker factor as Deathclaws.

So, a similar monster in Skyrim would give players a frisson of genuine fear. The dragons that are extant in Skyrim are fearsome, but you’ll still take them on, and by the end, it becomes as easy – and tiresome – as shooting fish in a barrel.

You start out in Skyrim, and when your control pad starts to shake as dragons fly overhead, it’s quite an experience. You learn to fire your arrows while the dragon draws breath in between releasing gouts of flame, and this is fun, but eventually its gets repetitive, says S&R.

However, Deathclaws start out horrific and stay horrific. You don’t even WANT to face them. Obviously there’s no need for this type of animal in Skyrim, but the game needs something that gives you the fear and makes you nervous about going anywhere new. A monster that’s hard to beat will also add a lot of interest to the game.

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