Skyrim Special Edition Crashes On All Platforms

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Skyrim Special Edition was very much anticipated but when the game arrived with a patch, the game crashed on all platforms.

Today, November 10, Bethesda have released a beta version of patch 1.2 for the PC and this is said to stop Skyrim Special Edition from crashing. They said that after the beta update for the PC they would be working on an update to stop the issue on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Beta content doesn’t get automatically enabled on Steam, so this means that you are going to have to enable it to get the patch. To do this you should log into the Steam account and then rick click on Skyrim Special Edition and choose Properties – Betas. You can then choose OK from the menu and the game will update. When you have done it correctly you will then see Skyrim Special Edition (Beta).

The Skyrim Special Edition beta 1.2 update brings with it the much needed fix to stop the game crashing along with performance improvements and fixes for stability. It also fixes an issue with the alt-tab when playing the game on the PC and the flow of water failing to render properly. It also fixes the issue with the werewolf changing back to its human form and improvements for browsing the mods.

Were you looking forward to playing Skyrim Special Edition and have you been disappointed by the fact that the game crashes? What are your thoughts on the PC version getting the fix first while the Xbox One and PS4 players have to wait?